Building an open marketplace for investing algorithms

At Finterion, we're excited about investing algorithms. Investing algorithms have exciting properties: they’re automated, fast, precise, and usable with multiple brokers. Just like normal investing, algorithms have implemented strategies for optimal performance. However, these strategies are fully automated and can be executed much faster that a person can.

A core part of our vision is to provide a platform that provide control, freedom, fair pricing, reliability and simplicity for both investors and investing algorithm creators. We’re proud to be one of the first marketplaces to discover, rent, and sell top performing investing algorithms on reliable infrastructure.

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Our Story

Founded in 2022, we created the foundation for a marketplace where creators of investing algorithms can share their algorithms with a mainstream audience.

Because the team of Finterion has it roots in the open-source community, we worked on projects that enabled developers to create advanced trading strategies. This represented a dramatic shift, where previously investing algorithms where mainly used by advanced investing firms. Now more and more small and large teams share their trading strategies openly, where the infrastructure of Finterion enables this in a way that was never before possible in the digital world.

Fascinated by the movement that was forming, Marc van Duyn and Jibbe Verhave joined early adopter communities and started talking to users. With the Finterion alpha launch in january 2022, the first open marketplace for investing algorithms was born.